2. Dragon Boat Festival Zanzadrago

7. Oktober 2012 in Pavia / Italien

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1. Canottieri Ticino Dragonboat (53:41,40)
2. ASD Trento Urbe Dragonboat (55:59,42)
3. Canottieri Ticino Master Dragonboat (56:00,49)
4. ASD I Dragonauti Cagliari 2 Dragonboat (57:47,66)
5. Ladu-Unimi Dragonboat (65:01,89)
6. ASD I Dragonauti Cagliari 1 Dragonboat (65:09,22)


  • Veranstalter/Ausrichter: Canottieri Ticino - Sport University Center Pavia
  • Anzahl Teams: offen (2011: 6 Teams)
  • Datum: 07.10.2012
  • Länge: 20km
  • Anzahl Wenden: keine
  • Start: Massenstart
  • Klassen: ?
  • Ort: Pavia /Italien
  • Gewässer: Fluss Ticino
  • Adresse:
    07929 Kloster
  • Meldegebühr: 17€ / Person
  • Meldeanschrift: On line registration
  • Beschreibung: TICINO RIVER: It is a mid-high flow rate river; the stream is quite fast and there might be obstacles which are always signaled and put in safety. Experience in downstream paddling and boat handling are required.
    COURSE: on the Ticino River, from Bereguardo to Pavia 20 km.
    START: the starting point is at Ponte delle barche in Bereguardo, you paddle down the river to the Motorway Bridge; line-up and starting in line.
    FINISH: the finishing line is against the current, towards Canottieri Ticino after rounding the mark downstream of Ponte della Libertà in Pavia.

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